Toyota Supra 1993-1998
Pin NO: Description
1A Switched 12v at key on
2A Vehicle Speed Sensor
3A Kickdown switch (Not Used)
4A Brake switch input (12V) Not Used
6A Malfunction Indicator Lamp (LS10)
7A Reverse indicator input (ADR13)
8A 12V switched
9A 2nd gear indicator input (ADR13) Auto only
10A 1st gear indicator input (ADR13) Auto only
17A TT For DATALINK connector
18A Manual trans mode selector switch
19A TE2 to DATALINK connector
20A TE1 For DATALINK connector
22A Fuel pump control
23A ACMG to A/C Magnetic clutch
24A Activates Main Relay with 12V signal at key on
25A Manual indicator mode light output Auto only
28A Over Drive Switch input
31A Switched 12v from Main Relay
33A 12V constant battery
34A A/C
1B Timing (speed sensor) ground
3B Vehicle speed sensor
5B Cam Sensor 2 (G2) Ground
6B Cam Sensor 1 (G1) Ground
7B Crank Sensor (NE) Ground
9B Auto Trans Sol No2 (HS3)S2
10B Auto Trans Sol No1 (HS4)S1
11B O2 Sensor ground
12B Auto Trans Sol No5 (Line Pressure)
13B Auto Trans Sol No4 (Engagement Speed)
14B Auto Trans Sol No3 (Converter Lock up)
15B Injector 6
16B Injector 5
17B Injector 4
18B Injector 3
19B Injector 2
20B Injector 1
21B Input Shaft Speed sensor signal
23B Tail Shaft Speed sensor
24B Auto Trans Fluid Temp
25B Cam Sensor 2 (G2) Input
26B Cam Sensor 1 (G1) input
27B Crank Sensor (NE) input
28B Sensor Ground
29B DATALINK connector
31B Auto Trans Sol No5 (SLT+) (Idle 8)
32B Idle 4
33B Idle 1
34B Idle 3
35B Idle 2
38B VSV For exhaust bypass valve
39B VSV For Exhaust gas control valve
40B VSV For intake air control
41B 5V Reference
43B TPS signal input
44B Coolant Sensor Input
45B Air Temp Sensor
47B AFR#1
48B AFR#2
49B Knock 2 input (Rear Knock Sensor)
50B Knock 1 input (Front Knock Sensor)
52B Ignitor 6 (Coil 1)
53B Ignitor 5 (Coil 2)
54B Ignitor 4 (Coil 3)
55B Ignitor 3 (Coil 3)
56B Ignitor 2 (Coil 2)
57B Ignitor 1 (Coil 1)
60B Boost Control
62B Map Sensor Input
65B Sensor Ground
66B MAF sensor input
69B Chassis Ground
71B Ox 1 Heater Ground
72B Ox 2 Heater Ground
73B Fuel Pressure up VSV
75B EGR u
76B Neutral Starting switch
78B Ground
79B Chassis Ground
80B Chassis Ground