AW11 MR2 4AGE - (Largeport / TVIS / AFM / Yellow Plugs)

Toyota Part Number: 89661-17190

Nippon Denso Part Number: 175600-0410


AE82 Corolla 4AGE - (Largeport / TVIS / MAP / Yellow Plugs)

Toyota Part Number: 89661-12080

Nippon Denso Part Number: 175700-0561


AE86 Corolla 4AGE - (Largeport / TVIS / MAP / Yellow Plugs)

Toyota Part Number: 89661-14061

Nippon Denso Part Number: 175700-0070


AE92 Corolla 4AGE - (Smallport / MAP / Grey Plugs)

Toyota Part Number: 89661-12420

Nippon Denso Part Number: 175700-1301


AE11X black-head 20V 4A-GE and operate on vacuum sensor (MAP)


Toyota 4AGZE ECU pin-outs (U.S. with AFM and distributor)

EO2 E01 Earth 01, Earth 02
RSO RSC both to ISC valve
IGT IGniTer,
STA STArter signal and cold-start injector
E1 Earth 1,
EGR EGR solenoid
SMC Supercharger relay,
NSW Neutral switch 0r clutch switch

#10 Injectors 1 and 3
#20 , injectors 2 and 4
VF Check connector,
G- distributor pickup coil
T Test pin (check connector),
G1 dist. pickup coil
VTA throttle position sensor,
G2 distributor pickup coil
IDL Throttle position sensor,
NE distributor pickup coil
HT O2 sensor heater,
VS3 air bypass valve solenoid
OX Oxygen sensor,
IGF IGnition Feedback from ignitor
E2 common for THW THG and AFM,
THW THermistor Water temp

E22 Same as e2,
R/P Regular/Premium switch
VS2 , supercharger vent solenoid
L3 L1 From ECT computer
ECT L2 From ECT computer
A/C From a/c amplifier,
TIL Supercharger light
W To check engine Warning light,
SPD speed sensor
FPU Fuel Pressure Up solenoid,
ELS1 stop light switch
KNK KNocK sensor,
THA THermistor Air temp (in afm)
VS , AFM wiper
THG THermistor eGr,
VC AFM supply voltage
B+ switched +12v,
Bat constant +12v
+B1 switched +12v,
ELS2 idle up diode